Elite SSL
From $84.95/yr

(General purpose 128/256 bit SSL encryption security)
Elite SSL Certificates enable you and your customers to complete transactions with the assurance that no one else can read or change information as it travels over the Internet. This leads to increased visitor conversion rate, lower Web site abandonment and an increase in average purchase price.
 » Full business validated certificate
 » Most trusted 2048-bit SSL Certificate
 » Trusted by all major Browsers
 » 99.9% Browser Ubiquity
 » Unlimited Re-Issuance Policy
 » FREE Corner-of-Trust trustmark
 » $10,000 Relying Party Warranty
 » Complimentary HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan
 » 128/256 bit encryption
 » 30 day Refund Policy
 » Support by e-mail and web
 » Licensed for unlimited physical servers
From $399.00/yr

(https:// + Green address bar)
Extended Validation Certificates deliver a new level of trust to your web site visitors. Starting with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7 and above, the address bar will turn green confirming your site identity as verified by a Certification Authority (CA) according to the most rigorous industry guidelines established by the CA/Browser Forum.
 » Comodo EV Corner of Trust site seal
 » Recognized by all popular browsers, 99.9%
 » A great price so you make more sales and fit more in your budget.
 » 128/256 bit SSL encryption
 » Dedicated account manager + Email and Web support
 » Free priority phone support to make installation easy.
 » 30 day refund policy
 » $250,000 warranty
 » Licensed for unlimited physical servers
 » Unlimited re-issuance
 » Highest protection against phishing
Wildcard SSL
From $374.95/yr

(Secure unlimited subdomains)
A single Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate can secure an unlimited amount of sub-domains on your website (e.g. www.yourdomain.com, secure.yourdomain.com, signup.yourdomain.com). Secure your subdomains without managing multiple certificates (and at a fraction of their price).
 » Secure multiple subdomains with one certificate
 » Full business validated certificate
 » Futureproof 2048-bit root keys
 » Trusted by all popular browsers
 » 99.9% browser compatibility
 » $250,000 Warranty
 » 128/256 bit encryption
 » FREE HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan
 » FREE Comodo TrustMark ($119.00 value)
 » Unlimited Re-issuance Policy
 » Full telephone, email and web support
 » 30 day refund policy
 » Licensed for unlimited physical servers
UC Certificate
From $325.00/yr

(Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SSL)
A single Unified Communications Certificate, or Exchange SSL can cover many different domains within a single SSL certificate - that's less than $330/yr for a single certificate covering up to 3 domains plus $55.00 per additional domain per year thereafter.
 » Provides SSL for multiple domain names, in a single certificate
 » Provides SSL support for Exchange (2007 and greater) and Office Communications Server 2007 where traditional wildcard certificates won't!
 » Fully trusted by 99% of email clients and web browsers
 » Unlimited re-issuance - have the certificate re-issued for no fee; move/change domains if required
 » Backed by Comodo's world class support
 » Certificate covering up to 3 domains plus $55.00 per additional domain per year.