Hard as it may be to believe, there are site owners who are not convinced that they need to use search engine optimization. If you know someone who needs their eyes opened a bit, the following might help.

More than 80% of online consumers start their quest for a product, service or support call using a search engine.

The following report shows that:

Google receive: 34,000 searches per second (2 million per minute; 121 million per hour; 3 billion per day; 88 billion per month, figures rounded).

Yahoo: 3,200 searches per second (194,000 per minute; 12 million per hour; 280 million per day; 8.4 billion per month, figures rounded).

Bing: 927 searches per second (56,000 per minute; 3 million per hour; 80 million per day; 2.4 billion per month, figures rounded).

How much of that traffic do you want?

1. Millions are searching for your products and services per minute, if you are no where to be found, you will loose millions of potential customers every minute but when you are properly optimized you can direct millions of potential customers to your site.

2. In approximately 50% of online searches, your prospects select a company found on the first or second Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So, if your company is not found in the first 10 to 20 results, you've already lost out on at least 50% of your potential businesses - while your competitors, who are highly ranked, are enjoying a lion's share of the traffic. Let Web Fada put you on top.

3. Building a website without SEO is like paying for an expensive TV commercial design without showing it on TV. No one will see it or buy from it. Your website is a great marketing tool but it must be made easily available for potential customers.

4. Nobody Cares How Pretty A Website is if They Can't Find It! The primary reason that SEO is not only important but essential for your website (and business) is the fact that you want people to have access to the site. The reality is, if your website is not set up to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), the only people that will know about your site are existing clients or people that you have discussed the site with directly. Unless you are a networking machine, this isn't a sound strategy to increase the visibility of your site. Too often people get caught up with the design of the site, and don't consider the fact that design isn't going to play a major role if nobody gets there to experience it in the first place.

5. People Take You Serious If You Rank High Online! If you can demonstrate your ability to rank high for some of the more important keywords relevant to your industry, potential customers will be impressed. Think of ranking positions as real estate. If you own more real estate, you are going to be considered as a major player in your space. If you have no real estate, people are less likely to take you seriously.

Bottom line - when a prospect performs a search via a search engine, do they find you or a competitor? SEO is your ticket to getting found. Let Web Fada help you!