How long does it take to see results?
Some websites are indexed in a few hours and some take a few months. This time span depends on the search engine's processes, your PageRank, your content and age of website as well as your level of competition.
How do I keep track of your progress?
We will e-mail you a preliminary ranking report before we begin working on your SEO campaign (to show you your existing rankings for each of your targeted keywords). After we begin work, we'll e-mail you an updated ranking report every week, allowing you to track your rankings for all of your targeted keywords. You can also use the analytics system we will provide you to track your performance.
What is the difference between White Hat SEO (Ethical SEO) and Black Hat SEO?
Ethical SEO (Aka: "White Hat SEO"), in short, is to follow guidelines and accepted standards to optimize a website. Which means we don't use any tricks or cheats that are sometime employed by "Black hat" practitioners. The end result of Ethical or "White Hat SEO" is often stronger positioning that is much longer lasting, and can withstand frequent changes made to algorithms.

Black Hat SEO on the other hand, uses optimization strategies that can sometimes result in faster results, but most often are not long lived. Some Black Hat strategies can result in being penalized, or even permanently banned by some major search engines and directories.

White Hat Optimization is the only way to go, don't take the risk of having your site banned.
Why is my site not showing up in the search engines?

This is the most common FAQ we are asked. There can be many reasons a web site doesn't show up, or display well, in search engines results. Any of the following can affect your site's search engine positioning, and web traffic.
  • You may not be using a search engine optimized web design.
  • Your site may not be readable by the engines.
  • May be missing information critical to properly index your webpage.
  • Use of some scripts can prevent search engine spiders or bots from crawling your site or reading its content.
  • Hopefully your site has not been banned or penalized by the Search engine's for some black hat trick.
  • Not been properly submitted.
My site shows up in search results, but not for the keywords I want. Why?
Again, there are specialized techniques involved in optimizing a site to place well in SERPs (Search Engine Position) for specific keywords. It is not just a matter of using dozens or hundreds of keywords in your meta tags, as a matter of fact, this can have negative results.
How do I achieve top 10 search results?

To achieve top 10 search results your site should follow these general rules.

  • Search engine friendly web design is a must.
  • Flash web sites can't be read by search engines.
  • Java script navigation should be avoided or used as secondary navigation.
  • Conduct extensive keyword research and include it in your content.
  • Build back links aka inbound links to your site to help build Page Rank (PR) and improve search results.
  • Relevance, strive to make your site the most relevant to its keywords in the search engine index.
  • Black hat, never employ deceitful methods to fool search engines or visitors.
Why am I always #1 but other people don't find me?
Search engines like to cache (or keep) your personal preferences and personalized search queries to make searching more convenient for you. If you search and click on your website often, search engines such as Google will bring that website to the top of the stack. Clear your history/cache and turn off personalized search options to see the real ranking.