What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines-such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. A search engine optimization campaign pairs on-site optimization with off-site tactics, which means you make changes to your site itself while building a portfolio of natural looking back links to increase your organic rankings.

When Internet users search for your products or services, your website needs to be the first one they find. SEO helps the search engines recognize your relevance to specific keywords that people search for online. The search engine optimization process includes researching keywords, creating content, building links and making sure your website is visible in the search engines.

This service alone can boost your sales to over 1,000%, boost your market share and make you the leader of your competition.
Top 10 Benefits of SEO

1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
Dollar for dollar, there is no greater investment than search engine optimization. In a time when the Internet is the source for most people to find a product or service they need, SEO brings you a higher Return on your investment than any comparable form of marketing.

2. Increased Brand Awareness
Once a website has been optimised, it will increase the visibility of your website in search engines. More people will visit your website and it will give international recognition to your brand, products and services.

3. Beat Your Competition
Optimized websites are the fastest, easiest way to dissolve your competition. The fact is that web users rarely search through pages and pages of search engine listings to find businesses. They only stay on the top list, so let Web Fada help you get your potential clients' attention first by putting you on top.

4. Higher Sales & Market Share
It is simple math - the more people who come to your website, the more potential customers you attract. Don't wait another moment to drive more traffic, increase sales and your market share.

5. Cost Effectiveness
Compared to the results you get from SEO, it is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies when you work with the right professionals like Web Fada.

6. Long Term Positioning
Once in place, a properly designed and optimised site should stay long term in the rankings compared to PPC where costs and outlay are ongoing and unpredictable.

7. 24/7 Business Marketing
Imagine having your own marketing and promotions company working exclusively just for you! One that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days every year. That's the power of SEO.

8. Targeted Traffic
Search engine optimisation campaign can increase the number of visitors for your website for the targeted keyword(s) or phrase. Converting those visitors into potential customers is one of the arts of search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is the only campaign which can derive targeted traffic through your website. Essentially more targeted traffic equal more sales.

9. Measurable Results & Analytics
It is a unique quality of seo campaigns that you can quantify the results of your seo by deriving a detailed site report and analytics of how your campaign is doing, which country or location it is performing best, how many visitors convert to sales and many more.

10. Improved Business Image & Credibility
Being the leader of your competition means your are more respected and recognized in your industry. Let Web Fada help you.