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Referrals - Promote Web Fada on your website or blog and make money when your visitors buy from us!

Earn extra cash with your facebook, twitter, blog, website or email newsletter!

Get your referral link and put it on your facebook, twitter and other social networking pages, in your email signature, newsletters, on your website or blog, or just send it to friends. If a person clicks on your link and buy any product from us, you are automatically marked as their referrer!


For what do we pay you? Qualified purchases of any customer referred by you.

How much do we pay you? 20% commission on all qualified purchases.

When do we pay you? You will be paid out when your unpaid earnings reach $100 by the end of every month.

How do we pay you? You will be paid by direct deposit, check or PayPal.

Webmasters: Turn your traffic into cash - just for putting a Web Fada link/banner on your website!


Make money with your FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other social networks
The fastest and easiest way to make money is by using your social netwok pages. You can refer friends and family by putting your referral links or banners on your facebook walls or twitter pages. Anyone who clicks on your links and makes a purchase will earn you 20% commission. If you have many friends on facebook, you are likely to make much more money.

Use a Website or Blog
Do you have a website, blog or are you a webmaster? Choose from the banner ads and text links to place anywhere on your site. You don't need to be a technical whiz – just copy and paste the code we've provided onto your Web page or blog and you're done!

Do you personally know any webmaster, explain how he could put a banner on his website and generate greater profit with his ID in the link.

Use email
Invite your friends! Another fast and easy way to spread the word about Web Fada is email. You can refer friends to Web Fada by sending them your referral link - you know best how to tell them about this referral program.

Use email signatures
Email signatures work very effectively. They are the letterhead of your email message including typically 5 -10 lines of contact information, and are appended automatically to the end (or sometimes at the top) of each message you send. Check your email software for this feature. Find below how to add your referral link in your signature, even graphical elements using Microsoft Outlook Express.

Forums, News Groups, Message Boards and Chats
There are tons of newsgroups and message boards where you can post. You can ask people what they think about Web Fada and if they show their interest and make any purchase.

IRC, ICQ or MSN Messenger
Just as with email you can use these new web based communication forms to find like-minded people and spread the word about Web Fada.

Don't forget the offline world!
Are you enthusiastic about Web Fada? Mention the referral program to family, friends, customers or clients and people who surf the internet on a regular basis.

Put your URL everywhere
Put your url on your business card or make flyers with your URL to give them away every time you need. Are there any local Internet cafes? Find out if you can refer the owner. He could potentially get many indirect referrals on your behalf.



Step One: Log in to your Web Fada account and click on Referral Links.

Step Two: Just highlight, copy and paste the your HTML code anywhere in your site or blog and you're done!


Add a Web Fada banner to your signature in Outlook Express

  • To insert an image in a signature, Outlook Express needs to use HTML for composing email messages.

  • Launch your favorite editor and create a new file called "signature.html". In this file, type nothing more than the following line of HTML code:

    <a href="http://www.webfada.com?ref=Your_Referral_Id" target="_blank">
    <img src="C:\My Images\name_of_Web_Fada_banner.gif"></a>

    "C:\My Images\" is the folder where you have saved the banner before.

  • Save the file "signature.html" and launch Outlook Express. Go to: "Tools | Options..." and then the signatures tab. Create the new signature.
  • To see if setting up the signature has worked, create a new message and select: "Insert | Signature" from the menu.
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